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how to prune branches

branch pruning is a task that needs to be performed regularly in order to create taper in the structure, maintain the silhouette, and ultimately achieve the look of maturity.

Taper is the first definitive sign of maturity. In nature, this appearance of maturity is achieved with time, often decades if not centuries. In bonsai, our goal is to have a bonsai that is manageable in size(usually under one metre) and hopefully reach it in one’s life time. Therefore branch pruning has evolved to become the fastest way practiced by bonsai professionals and enthusiasts alike to achieve that.


can you see the difference?

movement is the second definitive sign of maturity. it is achieved by pruning strategically and wiring.

so what exactly in a branch do we prune? As a general rule of thumb, we prune parts of a branch that are thick(taperless), strong(growing straight up), with long internotes and straight with no inner growth.


to be continued……………

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