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Cultivate your collection of bonsai trees with our fresh and expressive new arrivals.

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This is where we provide mature bonsai specimen to decorate an office, an special event……etc, at an agreed duration.
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Bonsai Nursery Berwick

Add style and character to your home and garden by purchasing an expressive and beautiful bonsai tree from the team at Bonsai Sensation. Skilled in the art of bonsai our passionate and helpful experts help you select a unique bonsai tree that perfectly merges art and nature.

Since 2001 we have collected a large range of bonsai trees for collectors and beginners alike to browse through. Now boasting over 30,000 plants our bonsai nursery caters to the desires of Berwick residents and beyond. Call us today on 0425 722 827 to find out more about the many benefits bonsai trees can bring to your home.

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