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Here at Bonsai Sensation we are passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality products that allow them to properly care for and maintain their gorgeous bonsai plant. That is why we supply premium Akadama soil that is perfectly suited to all bonsai trees.

Akadama is a naturally clay occurring and boasts a number of features that make it the perfect choice for bonsai soil. While Akadama has excellent water retention properties it also allows for good drainage which helps to promote the growth of new roots, an important part of ensuring your bonsai tree is happy and healthy after being repotted.

Our Akadama soil is available in both small and medium sized grains, with all bags containing 14 litres of material that will allow you to correctly pot a number of your bonsai plants.

So when it comes to finding a cost-effective and reliable supply of bonsai Akadama, Melbourne customers know to turn to the staff here at Bonsai Sensation. Call today on 0425 722 827.