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When potting your bonsai tree, it is important to ensure you have the right materials to help promote healthy and sustained growth. That is why, here at Bonsai Sensation, we offer high-quality Kanuma soil to our valued customers.

Suitable for bonsai plants that enjoy a more acidic soil type, Kanuma also provides both excellent water retention and drainage. That means your new bonsai plant will be able to quickly recover from repotting, and be encouraged to grow healthy and happy root systems.

At Bonsai Sensation we provide Kanuma in small, medium, large, and extra large grains (all in 17 litre volumes), with our knowledgeable staff able to assist you in finding the right size to suit the type of bonsai tree you are hoping to grow.

We are also a go-to name for any and all bonsai accessories and tools you might need, including carving bits, branch cutters, and stainless steel shears.

To speak with the trusted suppliers of bonsai Kanuma, Melbourne customers know to call us on 0425 722 827.